General Information on How to acquire the Iranian Visa.

The foreign citizens holding a valid passport and residence permit (for at least six months) may apply for a visa before traveling to the I.R. of Iran.

What is the process of acquiring visa:

You have to remember that the issue of the vis authorization number takes time. Each country has its own processing time. We can not compare countries to each other, ie : The north American due to the distance may take much longer to have thier visa approved and stamped in theri pass, than compairing with European countries. In most cases the visas are most likely approved. The process is as follows:

  • Approve your program and payment conditions.

  • Accepted the terms and conditions in wirting

  • down payment and copies of all parties traveling + the conditions of payments

  • Fill in the form below complete it.

  • We will process your application & with in few days, at most one week your visa is approved.

  • The Authorization code is sent to you and you should make the second payment !

  • You will send your passport or take it personally to the embassy in your country.

  • Fill out the appropriate forms + pay the stamp fee

  • The embassy will give you a reciept for your pass and will give you a date for pick up

  • In the embassy they will require your fingure prints, You should enquire about it .

  • In case in doubt you can fill out the form .

  • Send the form to us along with the copy of your passport  and a Picture 3X4 .

Visa for the MeatEx the 2nd International Meat Exhibition of Iran.

Visa Requirments : copy of your passprot + foto size: 3X4

you will have to fill in what your require during the Exhibition.

Below you will find a form which you will need to fill and send to Poonel!  we will process your visa and reserve your hotels and basically prepare you tour as mentioned in the forms.


Info on Free Economic Zones:

For traveling to the Iranian free economic zones of Kish, Qeshm and Chabahar, the foreign citizens will be issued the required visa in the entry port of the said zones. Such visa is valid for two weeks and upon the approval of concerned authorities of the above-mentioned zones, may be extended for a maximum period of six months. Those foreign citizens wishing to travel from the mentioned zones to the other parts of Iran may apply for a visa at the Foreign Ministry located in the same zone. For traveling to the other free zones such as Sirjan, which at this time has no direct entry port (air, sea or land), the foreign citizens must apply for a visa through the representations of the I.R. of Iran in their own country or abroad before traveling to the free economic zones of such kind.

With the aim to accelerate the relevant process of issuance of a visa, the applicants are recommended to deliver the required documents by DHL post. The Consulate General is not responsible for any delay or missing of the documents delivered by mail. Should the request for the issuance of visa is denied for any reason, the relevant fees paid by the applicants of another nationality are not refundable.

Note: The foreign citizens, in conformity with prevailing rules and regulations, are issued a visa except those of the occupied Palestine (Israel).

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