About Iran

Islamic Republic of Iran "Persia"

Iran is an incredible place to visit . If for on othrer reason than its continuous history of some 7000 year, it would be worth while seeing for its diversity of landscapes, mountains, cutoms, and lifestyles that makes Iran a very attaractive country to visit in any season.

Not to mention 1.200.000 historical sites , 19 Registered as the world heritage. 1.848.195 square kilometer of variety of Nature. 

We should not forget, Iran has been a bridge between the East and the West acting as a bridge of Cultures. 

Land Boundries: 5440 km,

coast line: 244 km


North: Caspian Sea, Armenia :  35 km, Azerbaijan 432 km,  Azerbaijan Naxcivan 179 km, Turkeminstan: 992 km

East: Afghanistan with 936 km, Pakistan 909 km. 

West: Turkey :499 km , Iraq 1.458 km

South : Persian Gulf & boardering Arab Persian Gulf States such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Emarate, Bahrain, Oman

Population : approximation of 80.000.000 

Ethnic groups: Persian 51%, Azeri 24%, Gilaki and Mazandariani 8% , Kudish 9%, Arab 3%, Lur 2% , Baluchi 2%, Turkmen 2% .

Administrative deivisions:  31 Provinces 

Political Capital : Tehran

Cultural capital: Isfahan.

Historical Capital : Shiraz.

Religous Capital : Mashad.