Qanat a means of Sustainable source of Irrigation water

What is Qanat? Qanat or Kariz, is  Underground water canal. This system is 100% Iranian engineering for the transfering water from base of the mountain to the cities around and even further in the desert area.

Historical records indicate a continuous transfer of such an amazing technology trhoguh tiem to many other countries of the world originated in Pesia which is the Qanat birth-place.The province of Yazd is situated in central Iran, is the focal point of this astonishing technology.


Qanats have played a vital role in mountaious oases for hunderds of years. Unfortunately, negligence and abandonmento of Qanats in recent decades has caused farmers to migrate to the margins of metropolitan reas whcih seriouslty threatens the social and economic policies of the country.

Consequently, preservation of qanats which are hightly in harmony with nature seems inevitable.